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Xena: "I'm crazy, I'm not stupid!"
The Furies
Gabrielle: "Xena, you brought out the best in me. Before I met you, no one saw me for who I was. I felt invisible. But, you saw all the things that I could be. You saved me, Xena."
Ides Of March
Gabrielle: "Look, my best friend is Xena, Warrior Princess, and she is not going to like this forced wedding thing, if you get my drift."
Blind Faith
Gabrielle: "So you're saying that today is actually yesterday for you, but for us, you're saying that today is today because we can't remember that yesterday was today, right?"
Xena: "Right."
Gabrielle: "I don't get it."
Ares: "Leather…mention the leather."
The Quill Is Mighter Then...
Joxer: "Gabrielle awoke with a jerk. Gabrielle awoke with a jerk. That's a funny phrase."
The Quill Is Mighter Then...
Callisto to Xena: "It hurts, doesn't it? Losing your family rips out your heart and your guts and your feelings until all that's left is the pain. Right? Welcome to the club."
Maternal Instinct
Xena to Gabrielle: "Don’t confuse defending yourself with using a weapon. When you pull a sword, you have to be ready to kill."
Gabrielle to Xena: "I'm a part of you. I want it to be like that forever. I love you."
The Abyss
Gabrielle: "The true secret of life is to find peace in yourself and to share it with the world."
Is There A Doctor In The House
Gabrielle: "She (Xena) hardly knows me. She probably doesn't even know I'm gone. I mean, she hardly knows when I'm around. Come to think of it, she doesn't even know my name."
The Deliverer
Cycnus: "Peace is an illusion. There’s only war, death, victory, and vanquish. There’s no compromise."
Chariots of War
Callisto to Gabrielle: "How have you been? Any new husbands since the last one I killed?"
Intimate Stranger
Gabrielle: "Xena, Warrior Princess, meet Leah, the Priestess...the Hestian Priestess...the Hestian virgin Priestess."
Xena: "Some people see Evil everywhere."
Gabrielle (about Xena): "I do not tell her anything. We are a team. I ask."
Miss Amphipolis
Dark Xena to Xena: "Oh, you know me. You know me better than any opponent you’ve ever faced. This might be your Dreamscape, but you can’t control me. I am you."
Ares: "That was brilliant. If I was your father, I'd be very, very proud... I still don't get what you see in her (Gabby)."
The Furies
Xena: "It’s not easy proving you’re a different person."
Sins Of The Past
Xena: "You put people on a pedestal, sooner or later they're going to fall and your expectations fall with them."
The Execution
Gabrielle to Xena: "You owe someone so much that you would just throw away these last few years?"
The Debt I
Xena: "You can't change the one you love. So wise up."
A Comedy of Eros
Xena: "Fear is a flaw, a subtle human flaw given to us by the gods so that they can exploit us."
Betweent the Lines
Gabrielle: "Xena, you know, I don't know if I'm gonna get used to this. It's so weird having your best friend in the body of your worst enemy. Could you dye your hair?"
Intimate Stranger
Xena: "It takes great strength to show Compassion."
Xena: "Any fool can risk his life, it takes a hero to risk his heart."
Animal Attraction
Gabrielle: "Believe me, if I have to go the rest of my life without companionship, knowing myself won't be a problem."
Gabrielle to Xena: "Did you ever notice that we never have a problem getting a table?"
The Path Not Taken
Xena: "I can’t blame her. She can’t see into my heart. But I’ve got to believe that you can. And I wish you were here. It’s hard to be alone."
Sins Of The Past
Xena: "That's the funny thing about people. Just when you think you've got them figured out, they show a completely different side to their character."
Sacrifice II
Gabrielle: "There is only one way to change this cycle of hate and it's through love and forgiveness."
Gabrielle: "I'm gonna kill her. I'm gonna rip out her throat. I'm gonna eat her eyeballs..."

Xena: "Be careful, we all eventually become what we pretend we are."

Xena: "You are what you do. You can recreate yourself every second of your life."

Gabrielle (about Xena): "I miss her. There are so many things that I wish I could tell her ... I would have told her how empty my life was before she came, and all the lessons I've learned, and that I love her."
The Quest
Aphrodite: "Who would want to look at a stupid river when you could look at me?"
For Him the Bell Tolls
Xena: "There's always another point of view."
The Convert
Gabrielle: "She's come for me. I knew she would. She can't live without me for a minute. Not that I can blame her."
Fins, Femmes and Gems
Ares: "Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman."
Ties That Bind
Xena: "All I want is to be with you right now. You're my best friend... my family. I love you, Gabrielle."
One Against an Army
Cyclops to Gabrielle: "Shut up! I hate chatty food."
Sins Of The Past
Gabrielle to Xena: "The first thing is the ‘greater good.' You taught me that. You taught me that there are things is life worth dying for. Things that hold a higher meaning than our own existence."
One Against An Army
Gabrielle: "Xena, life is eternal. It has no beginning and no end. The loving friends we meet on our journey return to us time after time. We never die because we were never really born."
Deja Vue All Over Again
Gabrielle to Xena: "I wish I had a dinar for every time I heard 'Xena the Legendary Warrior Princess'."
Aphrodite to Gabrielle: "So, you shrunk her horse. Big deal! Everybody shrinks as they get older. That's why old people are so short."
Punch Lines
Gabrielle: "Look, if we can change the King's mind without changing any of his anatomy, think of the example it could be to the children."
Soltice Carol
Aphrodite: "Need it ... got it ... hate it ... can always hock it ... Grody! Why do these mortal types always give me fish. I hate fish."
Fins, Femmes and Gems
Gabrielle: "I know, it shocked me too, to see how blind I'd been. But, maybe that's what love is, it's blind. I should write that down."
Comedy Of Eros
Gabrielle: "Joxer, it pains me to tell you that all day I have fantasized about ripping you heart out!"
Ten Little Warlords
Gabrielle (about Xena): "She's gone. She just left me. How could she do that? She just left. I really want to hate her for it."
The Quest
Gabrielle: "She wants me to fist a fish? I can barely say it, much less do it!"
Fins, Femmes and Gems
Xena to Darius: "I don’t think a dress is gonna change their attitude toward me."
Chariots of War
Gabrielle: "We have Xena, what more do you want?"
Xena to Gabrielle: "Don't let pride get in the way. You tried something... and you failed. It happens."
One Against An Army
Gabrielle to Xena: "Yeah, after all these years of watching you slaughter nature's creatures, I think I can do this. Look, I don't want you near the food. A lice infested rabbit is not on my diet."
In Sickness And In Hell

Xena: "The eyes of a child are innocent. They can see the world in ways that we have long forgotten."

Ares: "You could have had it all, but now I'm mad."
The Xena Scrolls
Xena to Gabrielle: "If I only have thirty seconds to live… this is how I'd want to live them, looking into your eyes."
A Frend in Need
Xena: "Sanity is just a veil the gods throw over our eyes to stop us from seeing the truth."
The Furies
Ares to Xena: "Nothing more need be said. Ding, dong, the bitch is dead."
The Bitter Suite
Callisto to Ceaser: "That Xena can really mess up a dream, can't she?"
Ides Of March
Xena: "Fish don't just catch themselves!"
Fins, Femmes and Gems
Xena: "Running away isn't a solution. It's what cowards do when they're not willing to fight for what they believe in."
Tale of Two Muses
Gabrielle to Xena: "If I die, I’ll never talk to you again!"
Chariots of War
Xena to Eve: "Eve, sweetheart, if you can't stand the heat, then get the Hell out of my kitchen!"
Heart Of Darkness
Xena: "There's always another point of view."
The Convert
Xena: "I like to be creative in a fight. It gets my juices going."
Gabrielle: "Can we cook with your juices?!"
Day in the Life
Gabrielle: "You know, sometimes people think that a home is a place. It can be a person."
Back In the Bottle

Xena: "I have many skills"

Gabrielle to Xena: "For your first stab at wisdom, you did all right."
Xena: "I was just saying that for your benefit. You didn’t think I meant it, did you?"
Xena: "This is about Gabrielle. You're not testing Mavikan, you're after Gabrielle!"
Ares: "You're not jealous?"
Gabrielle: "Big-mouthed idiot. Maybe it's a code. Maybe it means something. Maybe I'm gonna kill her!"
Warrior... Princess...Tramp

Зена в списке самых сексуальных воинов

Posted on 10.02.11


Тем временем, журнал Wonderwall on MSN составил список горячих легендарных воинов (мужчин и женщин) и Зена в нём заняла 4 место. Выскажу свое нескромное мнение... вероятно, не совсем корректно было не брать в расчет воинов будущего) Элен Рипли, например)

16 Конвенция Зены успешно завершилась

Posted on 10.02.11

16 Конвенция

Ну что ж... Вот и подошла к концу 16 конвенция сериала. Вопреки ожиданиям Люси Лоулесс все таки почтила её своим присутствием. Да и вообще конвенция оказалась весьма богатой на гостей: Брут, Архангел Михаил, Веласка, Бодасея и многие другие... На фото присутствовавших счастливчиков можно посмотреть здесь

Люси и Джейми Мюррей о Лукреции и Гайе

Posted on 12.02.11

Лукреция и Гайя

Появилась новая видюшечка Starz в которой Люси (Лукреция) И Джейми Мюррей (Гайя) рассказывают об отношении своих героинь - двух подруг любящих друг друга, но в тоже время использующих друг друга для достижения своих целей.

Рене О'Коннор и её новая работа "Infinity"

Posted on 22.01.11

Новый фильм Рене

Рене О`Коннор по-прежнему чередует участие в трэше типа "Моби Дик 2010" с работой над своими короткометражками.
Нонче до ума доводится "Infinity", где Рене выступает в качестве актрисы и продюсера.
Ждём окончательный результат и результаты фестивальных противостояний!

Cпартаку: Боги Арены - быть! А нам смотреть...

Posted on 24.01.11

Спартаку быть!

Приквелу мини-сериала "Спартак: Кровь и песок" быть! Уже 21 января он стартует на телеэкранах! Шестисерийный сериал "Спартак: Боги Арены" расскажет о становлении дома Батиата и первом чемпионе-гладиаторе, принёсшем ему славу - Ганнике.
Кровушка, обнажённые тела, красивая графика и завораживающие истории гарантируются.


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Открытие 27.06

Ну что ж дамы и господа, мы слегка обновились) Сайт пока работает в тестовом режиме и со временем будет дополняться и дорабатываться) Мы надеемся, что он станет таким же уютным, как и наш добрый старый рхвп от Gadget и Trinity Смешно

Последний рывок

Поднапряглись, товарищи Круто

Добавлено 06.05

Итак.. закончены разделы Галерея, Мультимедиа, и главные противники Зены))) Осталась самая малость, так сказать Смешно

Добавлено 06.03

Полностью закончены транскрипты (пасип Тамбусе), закончена Энциклопедия зенайта (спасибо мне)

Добавлено 28.02

Кое-что полностью заменила из того, что уже было. Начала делать энциклопедию. Сделаны полностью свиток предложений, гимн и баннеры.

Наш опрос

А Вы приедете на годовщину 2013 в Петрозаводск?






Знаете ли Вы что...

Габриель помогла Гомеру выиграть конкурс в Афинской Академии Бардов и понять, что он может рассказывать лишь с закрытыми глазам...

Именно Зена помогла Давиду одолеть великана Голиафа и поразить филистимлян...

Амброзия, пища олимпийских Богов, спрятана в пещере под горой Полис и только при извержении вулкана эта пещера откроется. Дерзаем!

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