One Weekend a Month (2004) - ROC

Я рождена для этой роли! Как только я услышала о том, что ты делаешь, то поняла, что именно я та, кто тебе нужна! (Минья)
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One Weekend a Month (2004) - ROC

Сообщение HerraHuu » Чт июл 07, 2011 1:35 pm

На форуме не нашел, поэтому выкладываю честно нарытое на просторах инета.
Если такая инфа уже есть, прошу модераторов удалить тему или перенести текст куда надо.

One Weekend a Month (2004) - короткометражный фильм в котором Рене 10 минут трындит по телефону,
драма состоит в том, что (насколько я понял) ее персонаж - военнослужащая, которую вызывают "на работу", а ей не с кем оставить детей.
Посмотреть можно здесь
Суть темы состоит в том, что этот фильм никогда не покажут у нас на ТВ, а следовательно мы никогда не услышим это в переводе на русский.
Но нашелся один товарищ, который "со слуха" или иным путем добыл оригинальный текст сценария. Собственно вот он:


Hours after a US Armoured Column came under attack in Anasaria the body of one Marine was being wrapped in an American flag. He was one of many Marines to die in this intense battle to control an important supply route for US Forces trying to reach Baghdad in the North. The charred remains of one of the vehicles still smouldering, a testimony to the ferocity of the fight as Iraqui Forces used rocket propelled grenades to destroy the heavily armoured personnel carrier, killing everyone on board. Earlier in the day, only 6 miles away, another deadly attack against American Forces in the region. A US Military Supply Convoy was ambushed. Many of those ambushed were killed.

Meg: Is Zach still asleep?

Haley: Yep.

Meg: 10 minutes of cartoons, OK?

Haley: OK.

Meg: Hey, I said 10 minutes.

Haley: OK.

Meg: OK. You get your brother up and get some breakfast.

Haley: OK.

Meg: OK.


Haley (knocking on door) Mom!

Meg: Yeah?

Haley: We're outta milk!

Meg: Use the soy milk.

Haley: There's no soy milk.

Meg: Check the cabinet.

Haley: It's not cold!

Meg: Honey there's nothing I can do about that.
Is Zach eating?

Haley: No.


(Haley and Zach -kids chatting at the breakfast table)

(Phone rings - answer phone picks up) Meg…Meg…pick up the phone. I just talked to Ben, he said…said that he talked to the Sarge yesterday and the Unit is getting activated like right now.

Haley: Mom?

(phone) Are you there? Pick up the phone!

Meg: Hey hang on, I'm here. What's going on?

Adrianne on phone: I didn't hear it myself but Ben seemed really sure, OK. We're getting activated….

Meg: Wa..wa…wait! Ben is sure?

Ade on phone: Yes, like really sure, OK! Not maybe sure but like, we're going, like this is crazy, we are going.

Meg: Fcuk!

Ade on phone: You're telling me….look I have to get to work.

Meg: Like I'm gonna call Ben, I'm gonna find out what's really going on OK…like I'll give you a call back.

Ade on phone: OK. Let me know if you find anything out.

Meg: OK yeah OK


Meg *sigh*

Ben on phone: Hello.

Meg: Ben! Ben it's McDermott

Ben on phone: Hey…hey…did you talk to Adrianne?

Meg: Yeah, yeah I think I heard that we might be going out?

Ben on phone: It's for sure. We're leaving.

Meg: Fcuk…

Ben on phone: I talked to Sarge, she told me to keep my cell phone with me.

Meg: Yeah, so she said to keep the cell phone, did she actually say we're getting deployed?

Ben on phone: She just told me, you know, keep my cell phone with me…uh…

Meg: She said to keep your cell phone but did she actually say that we have to report? OK Ben, what did you hear?

What did you hear?

Ben on phone: I know that the 117th they're already out there.

Meg: I know the 117th is out there what about us?
So what…we're gonna go join them?

Ben! Look I'm gonna call the Sargeant…forget it…thank you, right…see ya…bye


(Sergeant answer phone) Hi this is Sue, leave a message I'll call you right back.

Meg: Sergeant Jones, it's McDermott. I need you to talk to me as soon as you can. Can you call me back as soon as you can?


Haley: Mom?

Meg: Hey honey, get Zachary and get him ready for school, right?

Villareal on phone: Good morning, 127 Transportation Company Sargeant-Major Villareal speaking. How may I help you Sir or Madam?

Meg: Sargeant Villareal it's McDermott.

Villareal on phone: Hey McDermott, how you doing?

Hey….hey…can you hold on one second, I've got another call…hold on…

Um…Yes, it's not rumour it looks like you're gonna be deployed fairly soon.


Meg: Uh…I don't understand…what you mean we're gonna be deployed?

Villareal on phone: It's gonna be like maybe a week or two before you have to get to the mobe (presumably short for mobilisation) site.

Meg: In like a week or 2?

Haley: Mom! We have to go to school mom.

Villareal on phone: That Haley?

Meg: Yeah that's Haley.

Haley: We have to leave.

Meg: Uh…you know I don't actually know…I gotta work on my family care plan. I gotta work on that right now.

Villareal on phone: What about your mom?

Meg: My mom?

Villareal on phone: Yeah, your mom…

Meg: My mom is not an option.

Haley: MOM!! I have to go to school, come on - give me like…(confused)

Meg: Haley, I'm on the telephone.


(Meg dials Stu's number) Yeah?

Meg: Stu, it's Meg!

Stu on phone: Hey…what's up?

Meg: You know….getting the kids ready for school.

Stu on phone: Oh yeah…hey you want me to come over when they're gone?

Meg: No, I don't really want you to come over. You know I…um…I was wondering if you could help me out.

Stu on phone: Ahhhhh…

Meg: I was wondering if you could come over and live here for a little while. No I'm not going to be here. I got a call today and…I'm getting deployed

Stu on phone: Getting…getting de…what?

Meg: I got a call today. I'm getting shipped out.

Stu on phone: Getting shipped out!!…where you goin'?

Meg: You see…just try and concentrate for a second

Stu on phone: *laughs*

Meg: I gotta go and I…I need you to take care of your son.

Stu on phone: Told you fcukin' to quit that fcukin' National Guard bull$hit a long time ago.

Meg: Come on…don't do this

Stu on phone: What the fcuk are you talking about?

Meg: Stu you're putting me in a really bad situation here. I need you to come I need you to help me out OK…please. I'm not going to be here, your son isn't gonna have anybody to take care of him.

Stu on phone: *laughs*

Meg: Does that make any difference to you? Are you stoned?

Stu on phone: Come on babe, I send you money…I mean sometimes

Meg: You…


(phone rings)

Meg: hello

Jones on phone: McDermott, it's Sargeant Jones.

Meg: Hi

Jones on phone: How you doing?

Meg: I'm good. What's going on?

Jones on phone: From what I understand, we're goin'. Um…We need to get your family care plan done. You got your mom, right?

Meg: I…um…You know I…I don't think I can use my mom. I know I put her on my family care plan but I…

…Believe me I'm not trying to make an excuse here. I just…I fcuked up, you know, I mean I put my mom on there but she wasn't an option and I just put her name on there and I am really sorry.

Jones on phone: You know that doesn't work. Sorry doesn't work you know…

Meg: Look…I'm sorry I put my mom on there but I cannot use my mom to take care of my kids.

Jones on phone: It was a bad idea to put somebody down who doesn't work.

Meg: (to herself) it's so fcuked up

I don't think I'm gonna be able to…

Jones on phone: We'll talk about it, alright?

Meg: No, I don't…I don't know if I'm gonna be able to make it.

Jones on phone: OK…that's…that's not an option.

Meg: I cannot…I don't know…uh…I don't know if I can do that…I mean…what if I…um…That is not a safe environment for my kids. My mom is just…

Jones on phone: Alright

Meg: It's not about my mom. It's actually my step-dad.


*Meg cries*


Ade on phone: Hello.

Meg: Hello Adrianne, it's Meg

Ade on phone: What's up?

Meg: Yeah, we're definitely going

Ade on phone: OK…um…what are you gonna do with your kids?

Meg: I don't know. I'm not calling my mom.

Ade on phone: no?

Meg: What about your mom?

Ade on phone: uuuh…she loves your kids, you know she does but…I'm gonna have to leave mine with her.

Meg: What about…um…

Ade on phone: What are you gonna do with your kids?

Meg: I don't know.


Mom on phone: Hello.

Meg: Mom

Mom on phone: Hi. We talked last week. Is something wrong?

Meg: No nothing's wrong…look…actually something is wrong

Mom on phone: What…what is it?

Meg: I…I got a call and I'm being deployed to Baghdad in a couple of weeks.

Mom on phone:'re going where?

Meg: I'm going to Baghdad in a couple of weeks…and actually…actually what I was thinking about is that maybe you could come and live here.

Mom on phone: Mo…*laughs* No…you couldn't expect me to leave Buddy.

Meg: Mom please…will you…

Mom on phone: Bring the children here

Meg: I'm not bringin' the kids there, forget it and I need your help. I don't wanna…I don't believe it…I don't wanna fcuking ask for your help, but I need it.

Mom on phone: Well Meg, you can bring the children here…

Meg: *slams phone on door* Mom, I am not taking my kids over there, I need you to come here, I need you to help me out…please

Mom on phone: I can't leave Buddy

Meg: Mom fcuk Buddy. Buddy's not coming near my daughter, OK?

Haley: Mom…I have to go to school.

Meg: Haley! Go to your room right now. I said GO! Go right now.

Mom on phone: I don't understand.

Meg: mom!

Mom on phone: …why'd they want to have sent you there?

Meg: Look I don't have a lot of time. I gotta know, are you gonna come over here and are you gonna help me out or not?

Mom on phone: No!

Meg: You're not going to come!

Mom on phone: No!

Meg: No, you're not going to come?

Mom on phone: No, I'm not gonna come. Bring them to me.

Meg: How can you say no?

Mom on phone: I told you not to join them in the first place.

Meg: ой, вырвалось!!

Haley: Are you leaving?

Meg: I don't know.

Haley: I can take care of Zach while you're gone

*Meg hugs Haley*
"Героем называют меня? Хочешь махнуться? Тогда ты дерись, а я буду записывать."
Хордов боятся те, кто не встречались с... (ну вы меня поняли:)

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Re: One Weekend a Month (2004) - ROC

Сообщение mayday » Вт авг 09, 2011 12:37 am

Огромное спасибо за текст!!

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Re: One Weekend a Month (2004) - ROC

Сообщение Fan » Вт авг 09, 2011 5:30 pm

Это весь сценарий? Что-то по объёму слишком маленький, если фильм конечно не короткометражный.

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Re: One Weekend a Month (2004) - ROC

Сообщение Беллиал » Вт авг 09, 2011 8:00 pm

Fan, это короткометражка о 17 минутах, если мне не изменяет память.
HerraHuu, благодарю за текст! Утянула себе, если Вы не против, конечно.

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Re: One Weekend a Month (2004) - ROC

Сообщение Песня Ветра » Вт авг 09, 2011 11:38 pm

ну и для тех, кто не знает английского - короткое пояснение. Рене играет девушку, которую срочно вызывают воевать, а она не знает с кем оставить детей. и вот в процессе фильма, по телефону пытается найти им няньку.
В критической ситуации ты не поднимешься до уровня своих ожиданий, а упадешь до уровня своей подготовки

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